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Can a Character use Astral Ring to score herbs?

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Per this ruling:

Is a character able to use Astral Ring that is holding the herb to score the Herb? Ring token is contesting the vessel but the character holding the herb is not.



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Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme is holding his teams Wakandan Herb, but is out of range of his teams vessel. At the start of his activation, he uses the Astral Ring Tactics card, and the player places the Projection token so it is contesting his teams vessel. 

In this situation, does the Doctor Strange team get the full 4 points for the crisis during the clean up phase?

The text of Astral Ring states that the token "contests all objectives as if it were this character", i.e. the character that cast it, Doctor Strange with the herb. It identifies the character for the purposes of wether it counts as healthy/injured, so it would also identify that Strange has the herb, right?

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