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Sleeper Agent character losing Subterfuge.

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If I use Sleeper agent on a character, and they attack an enemy, do not daze them with the attack roll itself, but daze them with a throw built into the attack, do I lose Subterfuge as the attack did not daze them even if the throw after did.


E.G. I use Sleeper Agent on Black Swan, she attacks an enemy with Everything Dies, they are not dazed, but I trigger the throw and manage to throw them into terrain, dealing one damage and dazing them.


My assumption is that because the throw here is 'after the attack has resolved' I will lose Subterfuge, but Im honestly not sure.

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5 minutes ago, TrimTheCat said:

Can the Trigger effects happen before the character loses Subterfuge? Could Black Swan throw and Eye beam before she loses Subterfuge? (making it not possible to Brace for Impact the Throw?)


Yes, if they resolve before Subterfuge is removed. 

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