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This is a Robbery vs Mission Objective

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"If its Rhino's Activation, he may spend 2 power to play this card[...] Rhino then Throws the chosen Character M."

I've seen the previous ruling on Martial Prowess(MP) and Red Fury(RF). In both case (RF and MP), the ruling was "No. When a rule lists multiple things that occur during its resolution, if one thing cannot happen, the subsequent effects will not happen. The FAQ (found here) describes this using Martial Prowess as the example."

The difference with This is a robbery and the previous one is the placement of the "then". For MP and RF, the then was at the beginning of the sentences. To be identical to MP and RF, the wording could have been " Then Rhinos throws the chosen character M."

Just wondering if the intention is to have a different interpretation of the "then" (one could argue its an addition and not a requirement).

So If you plan Mission Objective during This is a robbery, will the throw happens?


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If one of the listed effects cannot be completed, the subsequent effects cannot be completed. If at least one objective token is not dropped, the card's effect ends and the Throw is not performed. 

In the case of specifically Mission Objective and This Is A Robbery, if a character was holding multiple objective tokens and only got rid of one of them, they would still drop the others and then This Is A Robbery would continue to the Throw. 

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