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  1. Does Klaw's Absprb Vibration rule stop him being pushed by the wild effect of a Hadron Enforcer against a target within 2 of Klaw, since it is an effect of an energy attack?
  2. What is the timing on Heroes For Hire making Luke/Fist the target of the attack? You place first and it says the placed character becomes the target of the attack, so if they place and are dazed by Booby Traps or a similar effect, have they already become the target of the attack and so the action is lost, or will the attack resolve against the original target?
  3. If someone plays Mission Objective after you play This is a Robbery and the objective doesn't drop, do you still get the throw?
  4. Nothing Stops the Juggernaut says the contacted character takes one damage, and "then this character stops as normal." Does this mean that if he collides with, say, Rocket who has two power, Rocket will take the damage and gain the power before the movement ends and then be able to use Booby Traps afterwards?
  5. Does The Initiative allow a character to be SHIELD affiliated during team construction? For example, if I use The Initiative, is Fury, Hawkeye, Thanos, Bullseye a SHIELD-affiliated team?
  6. I'm a little confused by the wording here. If I have one model, let's say Miles, and my opponent has Nick Fury and his SHIELD Agents, can I pass?
  7. Star Lord's new leadership says that a character may spend a Winging It token to reroll 2 dice, not "up to" 2 dice. Can you choose to reroll only 1 die with a Winging It token?
  8. If Zemo targets a model with a strike and uses Master Swordsman (which requires targeting a model with a physical attack) and the defender uses Iron Bound Books of Shuma-Gorath to change the attack type to mystic, does Zemo still get the rerolls from Master Swordsman?
  9. Does Domino have to declare her skulls to crits when attacking before the defender rolls defense dice?
  10. Do you score the two VP for the researcher being within 1 of the evac point even if you're not securing the researcher?
  11. If Quicksilver attacks model A and triggers Velocity, then attacks model B and triggers Velocity again, can he attack model A again or does that attack have to be against model C?
  12. In step 5 of the draft in the collector format, it says to deal 6 cards to each player. Step 8 then says to repeat 3 times, which is impossible to do with the number of cards brought. Should step 5 say to deal 6 cards to each pair of players?
  13. In the Fear Grips World crisis, it says a character must pay 1 additional power per hammer to play team tactics cards. If a team tactics card has no power cost, such as Deception, does holding a hammer create a power cost? The use of the word "additional" has me confused.
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