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Ms Marvel and Follow me

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Ms Marvel uses Embiggen and take both of her actions. She wants to play the TTC Follow me. 

What is the proper order of events? Does she play follow me and immediately end her turn staying in Emibggend form? or can she return to Normal form using Morphogenetics then play follow me? 

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Both rules share the end of activation timing and as such, you can pick the order they occur in.

However, Follow Me forces the end of the current characters activation and begins the next characters activation, so if it is resolved first, you will be unable to resolve the second half of Morphogenetics(as it is no longer her activation), keeping her in her Embiggened form.

You can resolve the second half of Morphogenetics first though and then play Follow Me.

You will still place the activation token on Ms. Marvel before starting the other characters activation.

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The above ruling will be changing.

The current character's activation and all relevant triggers will complete before beginning the next character's activation when playing Follow Me.

Ms. Marvel will transform to Normal Form as a result of Morphogenetics.

Additionally, a character playing Follow Me will take damage from Bleed before starting the next character's activation.

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