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Question re: Usurp the Throne + revival mechanics.

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First time poster, just a quick question if you don't mind! 

Question is, how does Usurp the Throne interact with revival mechanics like field dressing. 

Situation: Killmonger uses usurp and let's say Magneto is the highest threat. Killmonger goes into Magneto and dazes him scoring the 2 victory points from usurp. 

Later in the same round Magneto gets revived by field dressing. 

Again later in the same round killmonger attacks Magneto again either via 'wakanda forever' or 'cosmic invigoration' and dazes him for a second time this round. Does he then score ANOTHER 2 victory points as usurp the throne is still active until the end of the round? 

And if I could also clarify the same question again but with ghost rider's 'deal with the devil' or ultron's 'age of ultron' reviving the character who was targeted by usurp the throne. 

Thanks a lot in advance. 


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