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Good evening, I have two questions:

1 / Does each field have to be at "Range 2" of another field? Even this size 1 (How do you play most of the time and how do official tournaments do?)
(Personally I glue the trash cans, barriers, size 1 container with different size as house size 2 or 3 and other elements to size 1)

2 / When I throw a size 2 character A on another size 2 character B, character A suffers 1 collision damage, first is the collision damage and automatic? no DODGE possible at the time
how many hits does character B suffer? character size 2 A + 1 = 3 dodged keys (roughly the same as with a terrain element)
character B suffers 1 collision damage that is also non-dodge?

Thanks again for your answers 🙂

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For number 2, character A will take 1 damage automatically for being thrown into another character. They take this damage when they hit a terrain feature of any size as well. Character B needs to dodge damage equal to the size of the character that collided with it plus 1. In your example, that would be 3 damage to be dodged (just like when terrain is thrown into a character).

For the first question, the rules are very broad guidelines. You can find more information on page 23 of the main rulebook, this article on Battlefield Setup, and the organized play documents. Players should agree on the amount of terrain and its placement. 

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