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Tractor tokens kept from last round

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A friend in my community once asked a question:

If he use pilot/ship ability to keep the tractor tokens on an enemy ship not be removed during the End phase, will it count as become tractored at the start of the Planning phase in the next round, and therefore he can make the enemy ship boost or barrel-roll again?

Well, we are not native speaker of English, and thus questions like this always occur.

I only found such sentences from the rules reference -

The first time a ship becomes tractored each round, the player whose effect applied the tractor token may choose one of the following effects:
• Perform a barrel roll using the [1 ↑] maneuver template. The player applying the effect selects the direction of the barrel roll and the ship’s final position.
• Perform a boost using the [1 ↑] maneuver template.

However, for you guys it may be not a rule question, but a basic wording case that need not to be further explained.

So, what is right?

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No, you only apply the boost or barrel roll effect from being tractored the first time a ship becomes tractored each round.

If a tractored ship does not remove its tractor token(s) during the End Phase, it remains tractored the next round and continues to roll one fewer defense die.  However, it cannot become tractored again until after it removes its tractor token(s).


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