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Got question about getting extra dice on beam and area attacks.

If I'm correct Iron Man's Friday AI gives him extra dice to all attacks from Unibeam correct?

Battle Lust plus Thanos's Power of Cosmos gives Thanos extra 3 dice to all attacks or just one?

If only one how it is differentiate? 

Next attack means only one roll (and first roll after activating effect?) and next attack action means for all attack rolls from next attack?

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@Dzuki and @Marat I merged this thread. 

Battle Lust applies to the next attack. 

Friday A.I. applies to the next attack action. 

The means Battle Lust adds dice once, during the next time a dice pool is created, for a single attack roll. 

Friday A.I. on the other hand applies to all of the attack rolls within the attack action. 

Effects that say “attack” or “attack roll” will only apply to one attack roll (step 4b of the timing chart in Appendix A). 

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