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Cancelled dice results and performing an attack

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If a player choses to cancel a ships dice results (for instance, by using Munitions Failsafe), does this still count as the ship "performing an attack"? If so, do any triggers that occur after a ship performs an attack still count?


Specifically I have in mind Torani Kulda using Cluster Missiles, getting a cruddy dice roll, and then using Munitions Failsafe. Is he 1) still able to use his pilot ability which triggers after he performs an attack, and 2) does he still get his bonus Cluster Missile attack opportunity?


I assume that both triggers would be able to resolve since Munitions Failsafe doesn't cancel the dice, but merely cancels the dice results at a particular stage in the "attack" performance, (in effect, the ship has rolled "zero dice," but the following steps (roll defense dice, etc. etc...) would still occur.

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