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Eye of Agamotto - once per attack vs Fast Draw

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Hi, this came up in our recent local tourney.

Dr Strange attacks Hawkeye, Hawkeye is outside of 3 and uses Fast Draw. Dr. Strange rolls for defense and uses the Eye of Agamotto re-roll. Survives and proceeds to do his attack, at which point he wants to re-roll his attack dice. However, the Eye of Agamotto reads "... once per attack". So is the attack made by Hawkeye completely separate and independent attack (it goes through all the steps of the attack timing chart) or is it somehow part of the timing chart of Dr. Strange's attack and hence he can only re-roll for defense roll or for his attack roll?


Thank you very much

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Eye of Agamotto can be used once during each attack to reroll dice during the modify dice steps of the attack. 

The Fast Draw attack and the original attack will both have their own progression through the timing chart so Eye of Agamotto can be used once during each attack. 

Fast Draw does occur during Doctor Strange’s attack (within step 2d), but it is a different attack. 

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