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Maxmimum Carnage and Paint the town in Red clarification

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Good afternoon,

I have a question regarding Carnage attacks and superpowers.

If Carnage make a Maxmimum Carnage and there is 2 two characters (A and B) at range. He daze/Ko  character  A and then he use Paint the town in red, move and arrive in contact with two others characters (C and D) what happens  ? 

Carnage loose the attack which should have been allocated to character B wich is not right now in range 2 ?


Carnage continue Maximum Carnage on the characters C and D which are now in contact after using the movement of Paint the town in red ? 


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Neither of those actually

Carnage would then get to make the Symbiote Tendril's attack granted to him by Paint the Town Red against an eligible character (whichever that happens to be) and then continue on with any characters that were originally in range of Maximum Carnage when it was first initiated (Character B in this scenario).

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