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Escort to safety and Warmachine's Metal Storm attack

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Hi There,

My question arises if Warmachine uses "metal storm" and places the template over, say, 3 characters. If, when he declares the first attack on, again for example, Rocket Raccon, I play "escort to safety", and Rocket pushesoutside of Range / LOS, am I understanding correctly that:

1. The attack action then ends leaving some attack dice unrolled against other targets.

2. The attack did target multiple characters and Warmachine therefore does not get another action.

I note that page 20 of the rulebook says when a rule requires an attack to target a specific character, the tool must be placed to overlap the base. This suggests to be that the "target multiple characters" component of the card would be evaluated upon placing the tool. The rules also say in both Area attacks and beam attacks "make a series of attacks targetting each enemy character...".


Aside from this circumstance, I can't see when a single attack can target multiple characters, unless targets are determined by placing the tool, or measuring the A* size to establish range. Is also states such attack  "instead of declaring a target normally..." (beam) & "doesn't declare a target for an area" (area).


Thanks in advance,



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