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Anyone know how the number 3 option on the Programing Options works? If Ultron is outside if range 5, and can't get to the console, does it still interact with it? Does the Matter Transfer just beam him to the console? Or does he just get as close as he can, and if he is too far to interact he just does not interact? If it just teleports him, then why does he do a move beforehand?

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If the AI chart indicates that Ultron should take the third option, players take the following steps in order to resolve his actions:

  1. Choose a valid Doomsday Console not within Range 5 of Ultron. Players should always treat Ultron as intelligent and pick a Doomsday Console he can reach, if able. 
  2. Ultron uses a move action to Advance toward the Doomsday Console. 
    • If Ultron is not yet within Range 1 of the Doomsday Console, he uses his Matter Transferance superpower to Place himself Range 2 from his current position closer to the Doomsday Console. 
  3. If Ultron is now within Range 1 of the Doomsday Console, he Interacts with it. 
  4. If Ultron is NOT within Range 1 of the Doomsday Console, his Programming Function ends and he proceeds to his Assault Functions. He cannot Interact with the Doomsday Console if he is not within Range 1 of it. 

Players should try to avoid directing Ultron to waste his actions. In a cooperative game against the AI, if the AI indicates Ultron must become stuck in a loop or do something useless, the players are free to agree he should do something more clever and sinister instead! 

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