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When Can You Play Team Tactics Cards During the Cleanup Phase?

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There are seven steps to the Cleanup Phase: Scoring VPs, player effects, non-player effects, resolving Dazed, passing Priority, removing Activated tokens, then moving the Round token.

Under "Effects", the list includes "superpowers, attacks, special rules, team tactics, or Crisis cards" (emphasis mine).

If a Team Tactics card can only be played during the Cleanup Phase, does it have to be played during step 2 (player effects)? Or can it be played at any step?

For a more specific scenario: If Dormammu is dazed, after he becomes undazed in Step 4, would he be able to play Dark Restoration to return a character to the game?

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When a card can be played will depend on the exact wording of the card, so its difficult to make general statements.

For your specific question, no, you can not play Dark Restoration at that time. Dark Restoration must be played during the player effects portion of the Cleanup Phase.

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