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Kingpin & Crossbones on Struggle for the Cube Continues (re: separate instances of damage & damage reduction abilities)

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The character holding a Cosmic Cube Fragment takes one damage for each cube they are holding in the power phase.

 Kingpin & Crossbones have a similar super power, "Intense Physical Conditioning" & "Inured to pain" respectively, which allow them to reduce the damage by one by spending one power.  The powers have different names, but appear to be functionally the same for the purpose of this question.

I have not seen it addressed here previously, but my understanding is that each cube damage is treated as a separate instance of damage (they are handled separately, not lumped together).  The nuance being that if a character has three cube fragments, they do not take 3 damage as a lump sum, but instead take 1 damage, 3 times.  Please confirm if cube damage is an example of damage being dealt in instances, or explain the way cube damage is dealt.

If each cube damage is handled as a separate instance, can Kingpin and Crossbones use their damage reduction ability to reduce the damage completely assuming they had the power to do so or is there only one trigger for the super power to trigger?  In the above example, if Kingpin or Crossbones were carrying 3 cubes and also had 3 power, could they reduce each instance of 1 damage by 1 by paying 1 energy for each instance (total of 3 energy spent = 0 damage)? If this is true, would they also receive no power from the cubes, because at each instance, the damage was reduced to 0?

If the above example is correct, when is damage dealt handled in instances such as the above cubes scenario, and when is it handled in lump sums?

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The above example is correct.

Damage from different sources (In this case, Cosmic Cube Fragments) are individual. Each cube fragment does 1 damage. Damage from a single source (An attack roll, a coloission, or a superpower, for example) is one lump sum.

Please note that some super powers list "for each [CRITERIA], do 1 damage", because it is one superpower it would be one source of damage. 

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