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If an enemy Punisher is attacking an ally of Ghost Rider using the Hip Fire attack, at what point or points can Ghost Rider use Wicked's Judgement and Spirit of Vengeance?

My understanding of Rapid Fire is that it would occur at 15.a of the attack step, but Ghost Riders abilities would occur at 15.b

Does that mean Wicked's judgement couldn't be used until 15.b of the second attack of Hip Fire (the rapid fire attack)? Could you use it on the first attack AFTER the whole second attack is finished? Does the entire Rapid Fire attack occur within the 15.a step of the first attack?

Bonus question: Does using Dr Strange's leadership ability Mystic Empowerment on a Hip Fire attack change the first attack or both the first and the rapid fire attack to the chosen attack type?

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Ghost Rider would be able to use it at the the defender’s “after the attack is resolved” step for each attack. 

Essentially this means the attacker makes both attackers and then Ghost Rider gets to use Wicked’s Judgment twice (first in response to the second attack and then in response to the first).

The second attack does resolve completely within 14a (Appendix A has the steps numbered differently). 

Bonus answer: It only affects the first attack of a Rapid Fire character. 

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