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Age of Ultron during the Ultron activation.

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Hello everybody:

I've a doubt about how to deal with "Age of Ultron" if Ultron is KO'd during his activation but has not been finished yet (it means, the activation token has not been placed on Ultron). Go to the example.

Ultron uses his first action to attack a character with a "counter attack" like Venom, Zemo, Sabretooth, etc. The counter attack cause Ultron to be KO'd but there is one action remaining (and other possible superpowers, etc so Ultron doesn't have the activation token) and the player playing Ultron use Age of Ultron. What happens in this case? Ulton gains the "activated" token? Or he doesn't gain it? In the case he doesn't gain it then the activation has finished and he can be activated later or he can continue with his activation/remaining actions?


Thanks all in advance for you help.



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