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21 hours ago, BarrelChestedBrad said:

So the Quinjet cannot be thrown or destroyed in any way as its size X correct? But that being the case what is its size in terms of climbing actions (if you can even move on top of it to begin with)? And I assume characters can still be thrown into it to take damage? 

Players should discuss terrain features and how they will be played, including determining the Sizes of terrain and whether or not they are interactive, at the beginning of the game. 

The Quinjet is designed to be a Size 4X terrain feature. 

This means it is Size 4 non-interactive so it cannot be thrown or destroyed. 

Characters thrown into non-interactive terrain features will take damage as normal for collisions. 

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2 hours ago, bionic.beth said:

When you say it can't be destroyed is that just for things like Punisher or Green Goblin's demolition style superpowers? Or does that mean a 4X terrain feature won't be destroyed if a size 5 object collides with it as well?

It cannot be destroyed by any effect. 

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