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Ghost Rider, Deal with the Devil, and Hela with only 2 Souls

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I wanted to confirm the order of things happening for Ghost Rider and Hela. Its already been confirmed in the forum that Hela's Queen of Hel ability can prevent her from being KO'd from Deal with the Devil if she has 3 souls, however if at the moment when Ghost Rider gets KO'd Hela only has 2 souls does she get the 3rd soul from Ghost Rider being KOd or does Deal with the Devil negate his KO? The order of events as I see it is below but please let me know if I am wrong

  1. Ghost Rider reaches 7 stamina on his injured side
  2. Ghost Rider is KO'd
  3. Hela gets her 3rd Soul Token
  4. Before Ghost Rider is removed from the table he plays Deal with the Devil
  5. Hela is chosen as the target character
  6. Hela is KO'd
  7. Hela uses her 3 soul tokens to avoid being KO'd

Thank you

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You have the right idea, yes.

I wouldn't use the word "target" in step 5, she is the chosen character, no targeting involved (Better not to use that word since it has specific meaning in the game)

You also want to follow all of the text on Deal with the devil before step 6.

Otherwise, yes, the interaction works as you expect it does.

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