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Escort to Safety timing with beam attack

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Just seeking to clarify the timing for Escort to Safety with a beam attack that targets multiple characters.

Example: Friendly Vision is attacking 3 enemy characters (Zemo, Bullseye and Sin) with his Solar Energy Beam. For the sake of question clarity, the opposing player wants to Escort to Safety Sin.

Does the enemy player declare and use Escort to Safety on Sin during Step 2 d. when Vision first places his range 4 template down and before Vision creates any of the dice pools to attack any of the 3 characters?


Can the enemy player await for Zemo and/or Bullseye to be attacked first by Vision's beam before then using Escort to Safety on Sin?

Thank you



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Beam and area attacks consist of a series of individual attacks against each enemy character under the template. During step 2d of each of these attacks resolve effects that happen when a character is targeted. 

Escort to Safety will resolve during step 2d of the individual attack targeting Sin. It does not resolve when the template is first placed before she is attacked.

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