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Can you stack tokens that are put in play?

I want to elaborate more on what I mean by stacking. Can tokens can be placed on top of another when placed into play. Such as in fire lanes it reads, "After placing obstacles, the second player places 3 objective tokens in the setup area beyond distance 4 of both players' edges."  but the card does not give a minimum distance from each other token to be placed. 

Other objective cards like Salvage Run do specifically state that objective tokens need to be minimum of distance 1 from each other.

In fire lanes, if there is no minimum distance from each other that the objective tokens have to be placed, can all 3 objective tokens be placed on the same spot, one at a time,"beyond distance 4 of both players edges?" and therefore placed one on top of the other, resulting in 2 or even all 3 tokens placed (stacked) on the same spot? 

Do any move effects, such as strategic, move all the tokens stacked on it in the same way an obstacle with tokens move together?

Example 1: When playing fire lanes, can all three objective tokens be stacked? If I move the bottom token with strategic, would the stacked tokens also move with it?

Example 2: Can a proximity mine or ignition token be placed on top of an objective token, and if that objective token is moved with strategic, does the stacked token also move?


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Yes. Tokens, unless otherwise specified, can be placed on top of other tokens. But moving one doesn't allow for the movement of all tokens placed.

Nothing in the Rules Reference Guide allows for what you describe in your examples.

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