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So just for a recent opponent:

A)confirming that Mystique's Shapeshifter ability counters X-ceptional healing in that if it's Mystique's activation and she attacks a character with access to X-ceptional Healing, they cannot use it, but it isn't expended. 

B)Shapeshifter cannot be Shhh'd or No More Mutants because it is innate/always on and not reactive or active.

Wish either version Wolverine could overcome Shapeshifter with his heightened senses 😞 He always is a counter to that in the comics, even the movies lol.

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During Mystique’s activation neither Reactive superpowers nor Reactive Team Tactic Cards may be played by enemy characters. 

X-Ceptional Healing is a Reactive Team Tactic Card so it cannot be played. 

Shapeshifter is an Innate superpower. Shhh… and No More Mutants cannot be used against it. 

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