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Interaction between extracts with pick-up effects, and can I borrow that

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Hello, I was playing a introduction game yesterday and came across this interaction. X-23 is holding a disturbance token, and Quicksilver attacks her. Quicksilver does one damage to X-23, and plays Can I Borrow That? He picks up the disturbance token. 

My ruling was that he still suffers the crisis damage since he wasn't in range 2 of a friendly character, and he still picked up the token. Is this the correct ruling, or does the disturbance only deal damage after spending a power to interact?


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6 hours ago, jfrelinger said:

Does this ruling apply to mission objective or kingpin leadership handing off disturbances, or enchantress and black cat stealing disturbances?

No, as none of those have the same wording as Can I Borrow that?

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