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  1. Does Ultron, Metal Tyrant’s superpower to create grunts resolve after effects resolve, or does it interrupt the resolution of something like a throw to create them during the effect?
  2. His losing tokens is triggered/resolved in 14a. This is the same window as his dazing himself. If we chose to resolve the dazing first, I feel two things happen: 1. His activation immediately ends, causing him to skip needing to resolve the token removal. 2. Because he’s dazed, he is no longer affected by the special rule forcing him to remove tokens. So could you later these abilities in such a way that he keeps his loaded tokens when he dazes?
  3. What does the errata to Sam Wilson’s leadership do to affect his gameplay? It seems he only lost the text “or this character” in the first line of his leadership.
  4. If a character like Baron Zemo charges with the intention of using a 0 cost attack into range of only a character like Mysterio who uses Tricks and Traps to move away from the character before they can attack, if the attacking character has another attack with a longer range that costs power that the moving character is in range of, is the attacking character forced to use that attack, or can they forfeit the attack action portion of Charge?
  5. This may lead into other questions depending on answer but: If a player forgets to declare phasing for Vision during the appropriate step, is Vision considered phased?
  6. Does Thunderwave’s Beam being drawn from Captain America deal a damage to him since he’s not the attacker and he’s inside the measurement?
  7. If I have Storm and Cyclops on the table, can only the current leader play “To Me My X-Men!”?
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