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Character A is attacking enemy character B while in range 2 of allied character C. My opponent plays Sacrifice and redirects the attack to a different enemy D. D is not within Range 2 of B.


The attack does damage. Would A inflict the Stun and Stagger of Trip Up to D, even though they are out of Range 2 of B?

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Trip Up is checking against the character that was the target at the time it was played, which would be character B.

Due to character B suffering no damage, Trip Up does not apply Stun or Stagger

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On 2/8/2024 at 10:01 AM, Father Tork said:

Follow-up Question, as this seems contradictory to the ruling made on THIS post

If the Target is changed as per taskmaster's ability, why would it not be changed in the case of Trip-Up?

Taskmaster’s Intuitive Pattern Recognition looks to step 13 of the previous attack to determine who the target was and if it will apply to the current attack. 

Trip Up applies to the target of the current attack at the moment it is played. Due to it being assigned to the target character, it does not move to the attack’s new target after a Bodyguard or Sacrifice type of effect. 

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