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Field Dressing on Dazed character that already activated but was dazed mid activation.

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I believe we likely know the answer to this, but I could not find anything in the rules that set this out clearly. 

Played a game today in which I activated a character, Lockjaw from memory, performed his first action as an attack against Black Widow, who played Martial Artist dealing enough damage to daze Lockjaw. 

Later in the round I had an active Beast within range and with enough power to use Field Dressing on Lockjaw to remove the dazed token and then remove one damage. 

Now as the rules state that the you place an activated token on a characters once it has performed all of its actions (did not happen as Lockjaw was dazed midway through) and the rules state that the activation phase ends when a players ends their turn and neither player has a character without an activated or dazed token, this would indicate that the round could not end as Lockjaw has neither an activated or Dazed token. 

Does this mean Lockjaw could either activate again or continue with his unused actions from his previous activation? 

We played it that he would not as he had been activated and the card did not specify (like deal with the devil does), but on reading the rules it is not actually clear and would indicate that I could well have activated Lockjaw again. 

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