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1. Quicksilver attacks an Enemy Character (Venom, or Baron Zemo or Black Widow) and does Damage.

2. When this attack is resolved he has less than 2 Power remaining, and cannot afford 2 Power for Can I Borrow That?.

3. Reactive Super Power: Venom now uses So Many Snacks and We Are Venom with the Power he has accumulated.

4. Venom Damages Quicksilver and Quicksilver Gains Power for Damage due to an Enemy Effect. (Or Zemo/ Blackwidow/ etc do their Reactive Superpower Damage) 

5. Quicksilver now has 2 Power, or more, and it is still his Activation.

6. May Quicksilver now use Can I borrow That?

As I understand, Tactics Card is played, and used that Turn, but may it be used at anytime during that Turn?
Does it need to be used before Reactive Super Powers, and/or before the next Action?


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May I Borrow That? is a reactive card that is played during step 14a of the attack timing chart. Once the attack moves to step 14b where So Many Snacks triggers May I Borrow That? cannot be used until Quicksilver’s next attack.

(Appendix A timing chart)

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