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  1. I believe you roll and calculate success and damage (which will be applied) before any "before damage is dealt" effects. Do I lose cover I have if wolverine hits me with berserker barrage from outside Range 2? Place within 1 before damage is dealt, but do we not calculate all the attack results prior?
  2. I know how it is supposed to be played, but a question was posted on FB regarding disclosure. I am in the practice of revealing the entire roster including; Characters Tactics Cards Crisis Cards Before, or at least immediately after, rolling for priority. So for the OCD people, is this in writing?
  3. Character attacks with an attack that allows the character to move/advance medium after the attack is resolved. When damage is dealt during this attack, the target would daze. Target character is holding an asset / citizen. Can the attacking character interact to pick up the dropped token before or after the medium move?
  4. If Lockjaw has 6 Power, or more, can he Inter-Dimensional Bloodhound more than 1 Enemy Character? (during the same round) I am asking because I believe he can do it as many times as he can afford to as long as there are Enemy Character(s) without the token on them already. (during the same round)
  5. Scenario 1. Quicksilver attacks an Enemy Character (Venom, or Baron Zemo or Black Widow) and does Damage. 2. When this attack is resolved he has less than 2 Power remaining, and cannot afford 2 Power for Can I Borrow That?. 3. Reactive Super Power: Venom now uses So Many Snacks and We Are Venom with the Power he has accumulated. 4. Venom Damages Quicksilver and Quicksilver Gains Power for Damage due to an Enemy Effect. (Or Zemo/ Blackwidow/ etc do their Reactive Superpower Damage) 5. Quicksilver now has 2 Power, or more, and it is still his Activation. 6. May Quicksilver now use Can I borrow That? As I understand, Tactics Card is played, and used that Turn, but may it be used at anytime during that Turn? Does it need to be used before Reactive Super Powers, and/or before the next Action?
  6. Situation: Sin has the Judgement Special Condition Gains 1, or more, Damage from an Enemy Attack Does sin gain 1, or Zero power?
  7. IS the Sinister Traps booby trap objective damage an Enemy Effect?
  8. Speedster from Quicksilver. If he has the slow condition, does he still advance ( L ) for this superpower? Slippery from Toad. If he has the slow condition, does he still advance ( L ) for this superpower? If a character has the slow condition, does Extreme Conditioning still allow the next Advance action to be ( L ) ?
  9. If a character gets " Pushed S" or "Pushed Away S" ..assuming no other model or terrain gets in the way and stops them..... Does the model have to be moved the entire length of the S Tool? Can the player moving the model choose to move less than the full length of the S Tool in order to keep the miniature in range of something else planned? Example: My attack or effect pushes him " Away S " but I need him to be within Range 1 or Range 2 to exploit something. Also In the case of throws, can the player moving the model, choose to not move the model the entire length of whatever Tool is used?. assuming no other model or terrain gets in the way and stops them.....
  10. Scenario 1: Character is within Range 1 of 2 or more, of the same, asset token. Does the character spend; 1 to interact and pickup all of the extracts in range or 1 power per asset token in range? Scenario 2: Character is within Range 1 of 2 Cosmic Cube Fragments, and 1 Chimichanga. Does the character spend; 1 to interact and pickup all 3 of the Tokens or 2 power to pick up the 3 tokens (1 for each asset name) or 3 power to pick up the three tokens? (1 for each token picked up)
  11. Is it possible to have zero attack or defense dice combining separate effects like an objective token removing a defense dice, plus an incinerate condition, plus another effect taking away a dice to give someone zero dice pool? and the same question for attacks using different effects to reduce an attack dice pool to zero? Example: Venom holding the Senator from the 14 threat extract crisis has incinerate and gets attacked by an Energy type attack
  12. Do we treat friendly, and enemy, characters like terrain of the same size for the purpose of placing the movement tool over them to determine how far we can move? For example; can I place the movement tool straight across a character the same size, or smaller, than my current character and advance directly to the other side of the intervening character? Is Wall Crawler, or Flight, always required to advance over / passed other characters?
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