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Spider-Tracker move action vs Tricks and Traps Movement

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I thought that Spider-Tracker works similar to Mysterio's Tricks and Traps, but then I noticed the different wordings. What is the difference between "Move Action" and "Movement"?
Does this mean that Spider-Tracker can be triggered when someone uses an ability like Body Slide by one or is pushed or thrown?
Thanks in advance.

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When a rule references movement, it means any type of movement(advance, climb, throw, push, place - Page 16)

When a rule references move action, it typically means an advance or a climb(Page 14). BUT, an advance or a climb are not always move actions

If a rule allows you to perform an advance (Baron Zemo's attack “Steel Rush” for instance), that is not a move action, it’s just an advance.

This means that Spider Trackers does not trigger on push, place or throw movement types. It also does not trigger on advances or climbs that are accomplished by something other than a move action.

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It would trigger from a movement action as one of their two actions(assuming all conditions are met).

That is not the only way a character can perform a move action though.

See the charge super power on Valkyrie as an example. That super power grants a move action and an attack action. The move action part of that super power would trigger spider tracker.

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