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Mystic Portals (Pentagram) and being unable to place

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A player places the range 1 tool next to a Dr Strange Portal and moves his model to place it, but there is not enough room to place it touching the tool, due to terrain/other models. What happens? Back to original position/can't use portal again, or reset range tool to place in a legal position? I'm not sure if we treat it in the same way as a movement or if it works differently? Pentagrams specifically says the character has to come out within 1 of the other portal, but can you fail at doing that? Can you fail a place?

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If the character cannot be placed in the desired location, place them along the range tool that is in use in a valid postion. 

If there is no valid position along the range tool to place the character, reposition the tool until a valid position is found. 

If a valid position cannot be found, the place fails and the character returns to its original position. For the Mystic Portals, if there is no position the character may be placed, it returns to where it started to the best of the players’ abilities as per the Margin of Error rules in the Crisis Event document. The power spent to use the Mystic Portal remains spent. 

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