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Distance when entirely overlapping

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If a Ship (or Squadron, Token etc.) is entirely overlapping an Obstacle are the Ship and Obstacle "at distance 1/close range" and/or "within distance 1/close range" of each other?

E.g. if a ship is entirely overlapping the rift in Rift Assault (and is speed 1 or lower), does it suffer the damage card from the objective and is its speed temporarily reduced by one when it resolves its "Determine Course" step?

[Also potentially relevant to Minefields (placing tokens entirely on obstacles), Abandoned Mining Facility, Contested Outpost, Doomed Station and Holonet Override (if you are really careful and can get a ship entirely on the station), Hired Scum (deploying squadrons entirely on obstacles), and Rift Ambush.]

It was a weird edge case that came up on the Discord a few days ago - if you could fit something entirely on an obstacle was it still "at" distance 1 of it. The rules for measuring distance don't really cover that situation as Armada has no distance 0 (and it is hard to measure "closest point to closest point" when all points are touching).

Or perhaps a better way of putting it is: 
If a ship or squadron is entirely overlapping an obstacle, at first glance it would seem that no portion of it is inside the distance 1 (or close range) band of the obstacle, as it is all closer than that. But then we're getting into infinitesimals and so on. Basically I was just looking for something to confirm that weird edge case that things that are entirely overlapping are still at distance 1 of each other.

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Review these selected parts of the "Range and Distance" topic in the RRG. I've highlighted in red the most important bit to understanding your question.




The lines on the ruler that divide two adjacent bands always count as part of the band closest to the bottom of the ruler
• The following terms are used when discussing range and distance:
◊ At: If any portion of a hull zone, base, or token is inside a specified band, that component is at that band.

◊ Within: If the entirety of a base or token is inside a specified band, that component is within that band.


So when measuring range. Something can be "within" close range, which also is "at" close range.

But the reverse is not true, something can be "at" close range but not "within" close range.

"Within" means just that, entirely within, no part outside of the specified band.
"At" means if any part is inside a specified or multiple, band(s), it is at the closest band.

So to use your Rift Assault example, Yes. Even if a small ship is completely overlapping and within that obstacle, it is still "at" close range / distance 1 of that obstacle.

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