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Based on what is mentioned in this post -


I'm of the understanding that "would be x" abilities are step 12 of Appendix A. If we have two abilities that trigger at the same time in this window, we don't appear to have any direct guidance in regards to the order those abilities should be resolved in.

Consider Shuri using Panther Gauntlets on Thanos.

If the attackers effects are resolved first, Thanos can suffer 0 damage due to "Being of Immeasurable Power"

If the defenders effects are resolved first, Thanos would potentially still suffer 1 damage depending on the dice Shuri rolled.

A previous messenger question got the answer that its attacker first, but I figured it would be good to get included in the forum


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Unless timing or rules otherwise note, when both the attacker and defender have a trigger at the same time, the attacker's effect will resolve first.

In this particular case, Panther Gauntlets reduce the damage to 1, then Being of Immeasurable Power will reduce it to 0.

This will be clarified in the future.

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