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- A character declare an attack on another character.

- Enchantress, within 2 of the targeted character pay for the sacrifice card.


-On sacrifice does enchanting works, since it doesn't adding dice but switch defense?

-Can he pay the to avoid enchanting?

-- Does he have to pay before the player declare using sacrifice (like body guard :link to this ruling at the end of the post)?

-- Can he pay after sacrifice?

My feeling is he need to declare it when he target the first character, but I wanna make sure!

Link for bodyguard

Thanks and have a great day 🙂

Le pogo

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In order: 

  • Yes, Enchanting still works.
  • Yes, the attacker can pay the Power for Enchanting when Enchantress becomes the target of the attack. Enchanting is the defending character's effect, so it occurs and is resolved during the same part of Step 2.D of the Attack Timing Chart as Sacrifice. After Sacrifice is resolved by the defender, the defender then resolves Enchanting, and the attacker receives the opportunity to pay the Power. 


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