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Mysterio Traps and Tricks interaction with Sin Red Mayhem

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1) Game is played on a C secure
2) Mysterio is not contesting the middle Secure, Sin is contesting the left Secure
3) Red Mayhem rolls Leadership on the left Secure and rolls a hit
4) Enemy characters is moved with the leadership
5) Enemy character is moved away, and into range 3 of Mysterio
6) Mysterio triggers Traps and Tricks doing 1 damage
7) Mysterio moves and is now contesting the middle Secure.

Does that mean that now the Sin leadership is rolled for the middle contest or would that be rolled somewhere before Mysterio would reach it?

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Each objective token should be rolled for and resolved completely before rolling for the next one. If the objective token Mysterio is now contesting has not been rolled for already this Cleanup Phase, Sin's controlling player may choose to roll for it after fully resolving the original roll's effect. 

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