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Beam attacks and Eye in the Sky/Escort to safety

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7 minutes ago, GilDK said:

It seems like there is to different rulings on this, or I and several others are misunderstanding something.

One ruling says you can use those Tactic Cards to get away, and the other says no

What parts do you find contradictory?

Note that escort to safety is one of the rules that matches the exception mentioned in the first post, as it tells you to check if the moving character is still in range or LOS.

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5 minutes ago, GilDK said:

When will it ever not be the same situation, and why is this different



Determining Range happens as one of the first few steps in a Beam or Area attack, before the targeting step. When performing an attack, you don't repeat steps or go back to previous steps without being instructed to.

There are some "during attack" movement rules that instruct you to recheck range or LOS and some rules that don't.

Escort to Safety says (paraphrased)

- Move the character

- At the end of that movement, check if the moving character is outside of the attacks range or the attackers LOS. If so, the attack ends.

Big Sis/Little Sis say (paraphrased)

- Move the character

Since Big Sis/Little Sis (and other rules that provide movement like Pym Particle Control) don't have that second bullet point in their rules text, you don't go back and check those things.

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