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Difficult to Please played at the end of Magneto activation

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If Scarlet Witch has dazed someone and Quicksilver has interacted with an objective during the round, one Magneto's activation, can he:

Activate, take his turn. Put the activation token on him. Then play Difficult to Please, remove the activated token on the same turn? And if so, since he is the same character, can he then activate immediately and take his actions or must he wait for the next turn to activate?


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Yes, the card can be played after Magneto gains the Activated token to remove it before the end of the turn. 

A player may only activate one character per turn so Magneto would then have to wait for the next turn to be activated. 

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After the Core Rules Update on November 22 2021, the Activated token is placed at the end of a characters activation.

Given that the end of a characters activation is also the end of the players turn, this means you can no longer play Difficult to Please in the same turn without additional rules allowing the turn to continue.

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