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***This topic has nothing to do with smoke & mirrors or trickster***

I have read enough to know that it does apply differently to each case, but I have yet to get a thorough explanation as to why. I can accept it without, but trying to get another new player to might not be so easy.

The leadership changes the profile for a beam atk but somehow does not affect the rapid fire effect. The only logical conclusion is that the rapid fire bonus atk always uses the profile per the card, but it doesn't make sense why.

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For a beam or area attack, you don’t repeat the entire attack sequence against each character. Since you are not starting the attack sequence from step 1 each time, you are just using the profile that was previously established rather than rechecking it.

For “Rapid Fire” style additional attacks, you are restarting the entire attack sequence from step 1 with the additional attack. Although the Rapid Fire attack occurs during the original attack, it’s not a part of that attack the way that the beam and area attacks would be. You repeat every step of the attack sequence, including step 1, which means you are rechecking the “profile”.

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1, thank you for this and I love where it is going. I love talking the nuts & bolts.

I almost ended up typing a response completely different than the following. I feel like I had to maneuver like a cat through a tiny hole to really understand that 2nd part but I think I got there.

《Per the ability of rapid fire the atker is granted a free atk, however per the rules, this atk is treated as a completely different atk as if it were another one on the card, in which case yes the atker would start from step 1.a. "Choose an attack" and the type mod from the leadership would not apply.》 

It turns out I was partially correct, however this is quite an unexpected thing that the devs chose to do, but it is what it is... Thanks again for the help. Y'all make it possible to keep playing this great game👨‍🔧.

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