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Oddly shaped terrain features and interaction with character bases

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In this question, I am referring to the different scenery we can find in our games of MCP, with different level rooftops, barriers or other items that prevent putting miniature bases completely over them.

According to the rulebook, a character cannot end a movement with its base partially overlapping a terrain feature. That includes the sometime irregular shapes of some terrain features (different level rooftops, barriers inside a building feature, pyramidal skyligths, water deposits on top of buildings, oddly shaped starships…) some of them even official terrain products of AMG)?

If the answer is yes (you cannot place a base if it doesn’t fit horizontally on top of a section of a terrain feature, making some of the areas of the terrain feature unable to access for the character), what would happen if a character standing in the same terrain feature is thrown or pushed, colliding with one of those elements? Would it stop as soon as it touches this element? Or would it depend of the distance of the throw/push (meaning that if the element is shorter than the distance the character is pushed, it would end this movement in the other side of the element, ignoring it)?

If the answer is no (meaning, I assume, that we should consider a terrain feature as a whole, and applying the “partially overlapping a terrain feature” rulebook sentence only to the horizontal boundaries of the whole terrain feature), wouldn’t it create some odd circumstances when placing (voluntarily or forced by throws) the miniatures physically over some spots of the terrain?


Thanks in advance for your answer, and sorry if the question is a bit convoluted!

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Players should discuss how terrain features will be handled at the start of the game. This includes various scenic elements like you describe. This may mean that the skylights, water towers, etc. are declared scenic elements that may be removed for ease of gameplay or that they may be given their own size and defined as interactive or non-interactive terrain features and played as such.

If they cannot be removed due to how they were assembled, characters will not be able to end overlapping them if they cannot fit and balance on those terrain features.

If a character would partially overlap or be unable to balance on a terrain feature after a push or throw, they would need to be moved back to the last position where they could do so. 

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