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  1. Hi, With "X-Men Gold", when choosing an allied character within 2 distance of the active character, can I choose a Dazed character and move the active character into distance 1 of him/her? Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi! Can the use of superpowers like "Husband/Wife of" of Próxima/Corvus respectively, or Sin's "Partners in Crime", grant you more than the maximum three activations you can use during the turn of the Crisis Team? (meaning, what happens if during my third activation in a row I activate one of this characters, and try to play this superpower? would I gain a "fourth" additional activation?) Thanks for the answer!
  3. Please explain. Does this mean that Magneto would interrupt the activation of the originally activated character, made his attack, and then continue with the normal activation of the turn? Can Magneto do it if he has an Activated token? Does he "consume" one of the actions of the active character? Or does your answer simply mean that you can play the card, but as Magneto is not the personality being activated he is not able to make an attack action? Thanks for the clarification!!
  4. Hi! According to this I suppose this would be the same scenario, but I prefer to ask: when using a beam attack targetting three different enemy characters, could I modify all the attacks with Mystic Empowerment, or only one of them because of the "once per turn" limit? Thanks!
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