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Movement and reactive superpowers

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When performing a movement action, do reactive powers that trigger based on that movement "interrupt" the movement (as they do with most other interactions) or do they occur after the movement finished?

The question is specifically directed towards movement as the second action, trying to identify whether the activation token is placed before or after the reactive superpower occurs.

The main area it is currently relevant is an Injured Bob, Agent of Hydra moving into something like Rockets Booby Traps as his section action.

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Generally, they occur after the move is finished. Specific rules will determine if this is true. 

As for when the Activated token is gained by Bob, it has the same timing as Booby Traps so they will resolve in priority order. 

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After the Core Rules Update on November 22 2021, the Activated Token is now placed at the end of the characters activation. This means it's placement no longer shares the same timing as Booby Traps when triggered by a characters second action.

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