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Cap Falcon leadership against Beams and Area attacks

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If my opponent has Cap Falcon as a leader, if I hit 2 or more characters with a beam or area attack when i resolve the attack against the first target, if I daze it does it instantly trigger cap falcon leadership or I resolve all of my attacks against the characters hit by the beam /area first?

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Captain America (Sam Wilson)'s leadership will be errata'd to the following:


When this character or another allied character is Dazed or KO’d, choose a non-Dazed allied character. After the effect is resolved, the chosen character removes 1 Damage, removes one special condition, and may advance Short. A character can be affected by this leadership ability only once per round.

When resolving a beam, this will trigger after each attack is resolved during step 14b.

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1 hour ago, Nukesquad said:

Does this mean that when  a beam attack hits and dazes the first character, another character could potentially escape from the beam using Sam's leadership? 

No. All of the targets are declared before any attacks take place and they are not checked again unless a rule specifies to do so (like Life Saver). 

They could get within Bodyguard range or find cover though. 

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