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If you have both SLDD and Elektra on the board, and a hand Ninjas Grunt is already out on the board, do the grunts have to activate with whichever parent you activate FIRST, or can you decide when to activate them with your choice parent?

Example: SLDD, Elektra, and hand ninjas are all on the board. If I want to activate SLDD with the ninjas, but decide to activate Elektra first, do the Ninjas HAVE to activate with Elektra first, even though I'd want them to activate them when SLDD activates later in the turn? 

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2 hours ago, Matthews1802 said:

So in the case in the OP it would be whichever model out of SLDD or Elektra activates earlier ? 


Which ever model u declared as the parent unit at the start of the match ?

You do not assign Grunts to a particular Parent character, the Characters that can put that Grunt into play are its Parent characters.

The Grunt will need to activate prior to the activation of the first Parent character chosen to activate.

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