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Life Saver/Trickster vs single target beam/area attack

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I'd like to get the official word on this since its the opposite of most interactions.

We have an attacker making a beam or area attack against a single target during its activation.

Ghost-Spider uses Life Saver to pull the attacked character outside of the attacks range OR Loki uses Trickster to get outside of the attacks range.

The attacker gets another action as per Life Saver/Tricksters rules, since the attack only targeted a single character.

If that attack cost power though, the attacker will still have spent that power in this situation, correct?

Unlike normal attacks that pay power in Appendix A step 3 (which is after Life Saver or Trickster triggers & resolves), Beam and Area attacks state that you pay power prior to triggering the targeting step on any individual character.

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On 3/13/2021 at 12:01 AM, NewPalpatine said:

Follow up to this.

Is a beam’s placement fixed when declared?  If I use a beam 3, for example, that only targets Loki and Loki Tricksters out from underneath the beam, but is still within range three of the attacker, is he still hit by the beam?

Yes. Once the beam's range tool is down only characters contacted by the template are within range. 

Edit: For the second question, no, Loki would not be in range after he leaves the area under the beam template. That would result in the attack against him ending. 

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