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  1. Hi, Is the auto 1 dmg from ally’s beam/area attack considered originated from an attack? Will supergiant drop extract tokens if she takes 1 dmg from ally’s beam/area attacks. thanks
  2. Hi, With the 'The Initiative' card revealed, does the card allow a squad of 2 SHIELD characters and 3 unaffiliated characters to form a legal SHIELD squad? At what point does the affiliation of the squad determined as it also affects tactic cards that can be brought. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Just to clarify, if the attack that dazed or KO’d a character generated another attack, it is possible to daze the model chosen for sam’s leadership before the leadership effect happens?
  4. Hi. I’d like to ask for clarification regarding the step in which Sam’s leadership resolves as the wording is: ”When this character or or another allied character is Dazed or KO’d, choose a non-dazed allied character. After the effect is resolved, the chosen character removes 1 damage, one special condition and may advance short.” From the wording, the choosing of a character is done at step 12 of an attack while the resolve of the effect is done at step 14b. Thanks.
  5. Hi there, Can Hulkbuster's leadership be stacked with other damage reduction effect? e.g reduce collision dmg using thick hide to 1, then reduce to 0 using hulkbusters leadership. Thanks.
  6. Hi there, If an injured Bob with one health left activates, does he get KO’d due to the bleed as it damages after he gets an activated token? Thanks
  7. Hi there, As the title suggests, Doomed Prophecy adds dice to physical attacks, and the book changes the attack type to mystic when targeted. Does the additional dice remain even after the attack type is changed as it was added before being targeted? Or additional dice not added as the additional dice are added at step 4b of attacking sequence? Thanks.
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