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  1. When a character on an objective triggers Red Mayhem, is that character ignored when resolving the push? In other words: Can the pushed character move through the character that triggered Red Mayhem?
  2. During the power phase in 'Struggle for the Cube continues', Sam Wilson and another Avenger each have a cube and one health left. Can the Avengers player use Sam's leadership after the first character is dazed by the cube and heal a point from the second thus saving them from also being dazed?
  3. Can Mr Sinister move Genetic Sample tokens to the Cloning Banks in the Cleanup Phase if he is Dazed?
  4. With the new clarification for reroll effects, how does this affect Oscorp Weaponry? The leadership says: "it can spend 1(power) when modifying opposing defense dice." So do you still pay in step 10 or does the payment happen sooner (step 6) as per the other clarification?
  5. So if it was Alien Ships and Deadly Meteors and there was an ally and an enemy within 1 of the middle point and no one has found the energy core, then in the cleanup phase you could possibly roll twice?
  6. The first part of Red Mayhem says to 'roll a die for each objective token contested..' Can I confirm that extract tokens are also 'objective tokens' and that the rules for contesting affect all 'objective tokens' including extract tokens and interact secures?
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